On the subject of reading…

I have recently found a service called Business Book Review.  The company I work for uses this service to breakdown books to the most fundamental parts.  I would say the important parts.   I read The Speed of Trust by Stephen M Covey in full and later check out the business review.   I found after reading both that I could have saved a lot of time and energy if I just read the review.  The review has all the important concepts without the stories.  I do like the stories in some books but these days I find that I don’t need stories as much to support the topics.  There are many book review services check them out.



News Flash.. SOA IS DEAD.. News Flash.. NO.. IT IS NOT…


According to industry experts SOA is dead.  Now they are on to new topics of interest like SaaS or Cloud computing.   I can’t believe how quickly we are moving from one technical concept set to another.  Actually I do believe it.  Go where the money is right?  WRONG.  You see the fundamental requirements still exist and large organizations don’t have the resources to switch gears because some people decide to throw their hands up and give up.

The problem that I have with this situation is that people are missing the point of the service oriented approach.   These same people will miss the point on any technology.

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Project Management

One of the most difficult challenges I have is project management.   I have been studying leadership , project management, service oriented, and IEEE guidance books and articles looking for answers.   I am reminded by leadership books that trust is the most important factor in any working relationship.  This is defined by actions through character and competence.    As I am developing strategies to tackle the workplace challenges I am constantly changing my approach to the problems.  I realized that there is no “one” solution.    The first approach is to have the team document tasking in a sharepoint portal.  These tasks will not only show external team members what our team is doing but it will allow for our team to see their actions and document their work in an easy way.    The next step will be to export tasking compiled by the week / month and filter it for analysis.   In the next few weeks I will start to publish the results on the blog.