Antisocial behavior and the declining leader.

The social network connects us but we are very disconnected.  We have collaboration strategies that go well beyond what we ever imagined yet we struggle to find ways to work together.  We have more physical technology to keep us together than ever before but the webcam isn’t a replacement for the conference room. I only […]

Cloud Computing for Lawyers

CASE for Consideration **DISCLAIMER**   Various sources cited where possible. Background: Small law firm with legacy information technology requires reasonable operational analysis in order to increase the functional, operational capabilities and flexible mobility. Problem:(Initial question) What is an easy way to synchronize calendar events from Novell Groupwise without having to re-sync with OE, Palm and […]

The Missing Billet in Government

I was going to start my post by blogging about my experience, you know.. “I have been doing this for x years” but, I am thinking as I type this that I am not going to do that.  I had a lot of thoughts this week, as I have started a new job and I […]