Lead… Follow.. Etc..

I am happy to say that one of my friends has taken on a new position and is leaving his current post.   I am going to see him off with a dinner which has become very common these days.   What makes this different is that my friend is  a Government Civilian GS.   […]


Experts.. I am inclined to believe that Agile in its pure form “as defined” by itself without modification cannot work in the Department of Defense as it is written today.   I don’t think the DoD is prepared to implement agile in the way of policy, standards or effective and practical guidance.    I don’t […]

A Little Humor… Men.. Don’t do this at the office..

Men and women have been working in the office together for many moons.  What I have seen working in a military environment always surprises me.  When an attractive woman is in the office she hovered over, she is annoyed, she is interrupted, she is constantly asked out and given little and sometimes big gifts.    This […]