Cyber Reporting

Cyber Security is just like any other security “everyone’s responsibility” but where do you go to let someone know there is a problem? …going to the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) provides the following options for reporting cyber related incidents: Report Cyber Incidents Report Phishing (US-CERT) Report a Computer Incident (US-CERT) File a Complaint (OnGuard […]

THE SLA (Part 1)

This past week a practical guide to cloud SLA’s.    It is a good guide that looks at 10 steps to evaluate cloud service level agreements found here (Cloud SLA). Online you can find various calculators and planning tools to help identify and define the various properties and areas of concern with SLA”s . What we […]

Thinking about Grams

  Hey folks! I would like to introduce you to Dorothy.  Some people called her Dot but I called her Grams.  There is too much to say about her in a blog but I felt like talking about her today and so..  I knew her all of my young life into my early adulthood.  She […]

Scrum for everyone, except it’s not.

I recently took the 2 day Scrum Alliance ScrumMaster course and I am openly more confused today than I was before I took the course. ScrumDev PDF My position is simple, if we don’t have these discussions and this dialogue Agile will be akin to SOA.  What happened to SOA?  Ask Ann Thomas Manes SOA […]