Dispatches from the Front: 29 July 2012

… From Ken Friends, In some of the return e-mails, several have asked I not include or discuss the “un-pleasantries of war” in my “Dispatches”.  To those kind souls, my advice is to simply delete all future e-mails from me. Unfortunately, I am not in a pleasant place to accommodate such a request.  The truth […]

Business got cancer? Smoke some “Cloud”

I apologize for using cancer as a platform and associating it with business but I feel very strongly about this and I do believe a business can have cancer.  What is cancer?  If you don’t know, fundamentally it is uncontrolled growth and consumption of resources by cells. A cell is a unit of life, the […]

Clouds Bring Rain

We are being hammered by companies selling cloud services and it is working.   I am telling you right now.. BE WEARY.   This is not going to be a lengthy post today but it is a warning.  DON’T JUST BUY THE BUZZ. I have been talking to a lot of leaders in business and government and […]

Kenny Dispatches from the Field 20 July 2012

For a few hours this morning between 0400 when I got to my desk, up until 0700 having just completed the 19 July 2012 Significant Activity Report, I thought today was going to be a good day.  There were several IED explosions recorded the past 24 hours which included US wounded but fortunately no KIAs.  Joy […]

Kenny in the field 14 July 2012

Afghanistan_PIX It has taken awhile, attached are a few photographs I requested from the combat photographer assigned to our command. He is a talented young soldier and a good man. As you can see from the photos, life here is far from pleasant. My living conditions are much better than theirs.  The thing I look […]

Want to Save Money in the DoD? Think about it!

I participate in an online community that discusses open source technology and solutions related to the US Federal government and the Department of Defense.   Recently there was a post about saving money in the DoD and Federal government by replacing desktops with some flavor of Linux.    This discussion has me thinking about the […]

“It boiled down to courage and tenacity”: My “Inbox Interview” with Howard Cohen, Community Manager at DISA Forge.mil and Technologist by Chris Maher

I was interviewed a few weeks back by Chris Maher on Linkedin.  The topic was concerning “Trusted Computing”  and ramblings on security. CM: Howard, as you know, I quoted you at the 2011 NSA Trusted Computing Conference & Exposition: “Well.. I believe in Americans. I believe that when we see various challenges that we individually […]


Today is the 4th of July.   What does it mean to you?  Joni Douglas writes “Do we ever reflect on the hardship and terror that the early Americans must have lived through day after day? Do we truly understand the hopes and dreams that lay secretly hidden away in the hearts of the people back […]

Project Management Tools – Agile and Others (WebScrape)

Alright.. I normally cut and paste resources based on context into my personal brain, recently I have had a lot of “project management” oriented questions so I am pulling some of the lists together that I have gathered over the years.   The format won’t be clean but that shouldn’t matter.. enjoy! Open source Scrum […]