Being Realistic looks like Pessimism

Is the glass half empty?

Is the glass half full?

Some friend you are.. calling me a pessimist..  I think of myself as a person who is realistic.

The glass is always full, just not full of what you want or expect.

Walk around in a bubble and you are bound to see the world from your own 360 degree perspective.  This doesn’t really reflect what is truly going on in THE world, just YOUR world.  It is shame really when you think about how business is today. Long gone are the days when you trust anyone.  I second guess almost everything because I have a hard time with trust.   I can trust but let us say I am cautious about it at this point.   It is kind of sad because growing up in Co-op City in the Bronx, I could trust people.  Of course we had our challenges but the only people that would steal from you would be the kids taking your lunch money.   Business people, every day people had honor.

That is what this is about.  You have a code?  Do you honestly care about your business or the people working for you or with you?   We don’t trust each other but you give all sorts of content to Facebook.   We don’t seem to trust each other but Amazon wants you to trust them with your business.  The truth is that we are being robbed and that is just real.   We are losing ourselves in text and media.  We are losing our honor and our ability to treat each other with kindness.  We don’t trust each other and we have to find a way back to that.   We have to find ways to trust each other and build trusted partnerships.  We also have to realize that we are being robbed.

How can we trust each other or learn to trust each other?

It seems to me that businesses need to start talking about trust and honoring their word.

  • We need to start practicing honest behaviors and proving ourselves as honorable people.
  • We need to define and follow up on a code of ethics and actually mean what we say.
  • We need to start communicating better and we need to start this by active listening.

This is our world today.

The WheelBarrel Story

There are many variations to this story.  I have seen a lot of churches use this in their literature but it isn’t religious.

There once was a man who worked at a factory. He worked at this factory for 30 years. And
about 20 years into his time there, the owners of the factory decided that the workers were
stealing things, so they set up guards at the gate to check all the workers every day as they left.
And every evening for those 10 years, five nights a week, this guy walked through those gates,
trundling his wheelbarrow, and the guards could see, every evening, that the wheelbarrow was
empty. They checked his pockets and all. They were sure that this guy wasn’t stealing anything.
Finally he retired, and the next week one of his co-workers commented as he left the factory,
“Well, we’ll see a lot less theft now that he’s gone.”
“Why? What was he stealing?” the guard demanded.
The co-worker grinned: “Wheelbarrows.”

Where are your wheelbarrows going? 

Just a thought..


Harder than ever to work together.

We are so connected.   We are so connected to each other that we are disconnected from each other.  We have social networks, texting, phones, blogs, emails, television, internet channels and still we are disconnected.   Now we are looking to find ways to connect more.  The reason is that normal person  to person communication is breaking down.   We have a spillage of indifference in communication that is coming from this inhuman and impersonal nature of internet chatter.   The talking heads on television say things to each other today in common discourse that would have never been tolerated.   We have bullying at an all time high because people say anything on their minds.   The filters are coming off or wearing down.

We are becoming less trusting of each other and really for a good reason, bad behavior is tolerated.   The knowledge workers are tethered to the great internet, might as well be jacked in like Neo.  We seem to know everything all the time, or at least think we do.  In the past 10 years of my career, I have seen more people say “I know” grow beyond anything I could have or would have ever imagined.   We all “know it all” instead the truth is more like we know nothing of everything and something about nothing.   We actively choose to forget the things that matter or look to our past for lessons of our future.   I don’t like the way things are playing out and I don’t like this world that we are sculpting.   Our ethics and morals are going down the toilet but we build ethic and moral centers.  It is like we all say that those things that you are supposed to do are for others not for us.   Our jobs are getting harder because we don’t really talk to each other anymore and we are too smart to listen.

I wonder where we will be in another 10 years.  I love technology and tools, my life has technology integrated but I am really wondering if we are better off with less.

When (BYOD) Bring your own device becomes the norm, will we all be sitting in the same room texting each other?  I hope not..

What was in that PST?

Recently, a government agency moved to enterprise email and thin clients.  There were two things that happened that users didn’t expect, the first was that they couldn’t keep all those old PST files that they have had for 10+ years.  The second was that they lost the ability to use their workstations as they had in the past. 

One of the issues that is really plaguing the DoD concerning cloud computing is that leadership is making uninformed decisions without analysis.  The result is less capability.   

Result = Less

The costs of IT are not going down, they are going up.  The cost of data loss through migration is not measured and not possible to calculate.   The government is trying to move data and capability to enterprise services, the concept is good.  The concept of going to Mars is good too but we just don’t load up an old shuttle throw some fuel in there and head out.  

IT is not being taken as seriously as it used to be.  The most dangerous situation here is that analysts, war-fighters  technicians, and leaders are losing the ability to execute in their own way in their environment. 

I know there is a whole movement on BYOD but that will happen in the DoD when Hell starts to get chilly.  

DoD leadership needs to start thinking about cause and effect concerning IT strategies.  They need to perform analysis before spending money and applying resources to ideas.   We do need to consolidate IT and we do need to move to enterprise solutions but users need to have the same capabilities they had before.  Users need to have more ability to do their jobs, access information they have in archives, store and retrieve corporate knowledge they have gained over the years.  

What I am seeing looks like “shut up and color” and “tough, live with it”,  that kind of mentality won’t work today.   I am suggesting that DoD leaders start to listen to staff from the middle down.  I have seen leadership ask the questions but they aren’t getting the answers.   The other problem is that there are a few leaders out there with heads too large for their shoulders to carry.   Those are the people that are costing the department the most money because not only are they not willing to listen, they are making decision based on their own ideas without any input.   

The result, these people are wasting money.   

The solution, hold them accountable through acquisition.  Hold them accountable to provide the thought process with a check and balance prior to them spending the money.  

The DoD doesn’t need budget cuts to save money, it needs a bunch of Industrial Psychologists.   The DoD needs to focus on “people strategies” to foster collaboration and sharing.  We need to put in place rewards for the reduction of silos and for successful reuse.   We need to put in place a leadership check and balance for IT spending, while enabling developers, analysts and others to execute within a reasonable boundary as long as analysis has occurred and it can be proven.

For today it doesn’t matter what was in that PST, because it will be deleted. Image