Decertification ~Cleansing Your Career~

Binding Labels You are so much more than your certification.  Recently, I was consulting with a technical organization to help understand the requirements for a custom system configuration.    When I walked into the server room I was greeted by a very nice man in his late 40’s or early 50’s.   His job for […]

To Compromise with The Sun

The Who of You Sam sold fruit in Spanish Harlem, he would travel every day from his home in New York City to open his fruit cart and sell his fruit.  Sam could speak at least 3 languages including english and spanish.  What we know about our family is really very limited isn’t it?  Unless […]

The Actualizers **Something Positive for Home, Work and Beyond**

The Actualizers I got a phone call on a Sunday evening asking if I would come out to watch a movie about Israel called “Israel Inside.”  I normally wouldn’t go to something like this but I on this day I agreed.   I met up with a few friends the next day and headed a […]