Who is Responsible When Crowdsource Becomes Murder?

Question : Who is accountable or responsible when a false accusation or false report results in the death of a person? Brown University student Sunil Tripathi was wrongly tied to the Boston Marathon bombing.   The result (may have been) his death.  There are indications that he may have died before the bombing.  The questions still remain.  […]

Angry and Disconnected

Increasingly we are disconnected. It is as simple as that and as complicated as that.  We are disconnected from each other.  The relationships that we have are finely strung interwoven webs of very fragile connections.   The connections are fragile because of all of the miscommunication.  Even when we stand in front of each other today […]

The Proper Care and Feeding of Employee X … I mean Y and Z.

Those are some stats but.. what does it mean? At first glance the thing that I pick up on is that close to half the work force will be filled by the people in this generation. I think we will need to consider some things outside the normal conversation as factors. This generation grew up […]

Don’t Know What Happened to Tanya

I normally blog every Sunday.   The weekend gives me some time to reflect on the week and come up with something that makes sense to write about.  As some of you know, I enjoy writing about concepts that can help others.   To say that I write for myself is a partial truth.  I […]