Simplify Complexity in KM

Google gives us 10 results in less than .50 seconds, give or take a little.   You may be interested to know that Google isn’t alone, just search the major engines and count the results.   Without getting into the science of why this is the default response and display, lets just be aware that […]

On Trust (Batdorf Perspective)

There seems to be something old but again new these days, it is interpretation of what is objective and subjective truth and from what perspective we have for the subjective truth. Trust has to be developed based on mutual understanding and that means understanding truths or at least understanding the perspectives of an individuals truth. […]

KM in The World (For Real)

People have their own way (PKM-Personal Knowledge Management) of managing information relevant to them. People and Organizations  share information in common ways out of necessity (EKM-Enterprise Knowledge Management).  Regardless of how we manage information in order to share information in a meaningful and effective way, someone has to be prepared to receive information in an […]

The Truth in Getting Attention from Leadership

It feels like we are at war with ourselves on some level when it comes to corporate business.   Somewhere up there, “they” don’t get us.   Somewhere down there “they” don’t understand.   It is difficult to know a person (leader or follower) through the layers of other people between you.   It doesn’t […]