Knowledge Management and Healthcare

Saving Lives In that moment when you realize that what you are experiencing is real and you have been shaken into the understanding that you are a human being; frail, fragile and living only for a short time this one moment can define or redefine your whole life. Most of us live our day-to-day lives […]

Enterprise KM (Metrics)

Riding the Bike As a child learning how to ride a bike I had both my uncle and my grandfather take me out to teach me. Uncle Mark’s Approach My uncle took off one training wheel and held the bike from the seat as he walked behind me on the path holding the seat.   […]

Knowledge Management NOW

Starting your knowledge initiative NOW   I was working as a Business Analyst, IT specialist, Manager, Process Engineer or even Rocket Scientist and my management turned me into a (KM) Knowledge Management Adviser or Consultant, where do I start? I have heard of KM but I don’t really understand what it means in terms of my business, why […]