2004 Perspective on KM

Given the economic outlook for knowledge workers, I find even less incentives to share my knowledge with my employer. Capturing it is even further out. You’d have to be insane to give your employer any of your knowledge. I’m wondering if people can remain employed without sharing some knowledge? Posted by: David Locke | December […]

Refinery Rabbi

Trade Stories Stories passed down in business create opportunity for new ideas and new opportunity as well as lessons in history.  Story telling is key to understanding context and it is an interwoven part of business.  It is so natural that business tends to over look the value of the story and the potential to […]

ILTA KM (Elevator Pitch Advice)

http://km.iltanet.org/2013/09/19/promoting-km-whats-your-elevator-pitch/ 1.             We need to devote time to critically examine the value proposition of every aspect of our work and each project. 2.             We need to write a separate elevator pitch for each of our varied client groups (for example, partners, associates, firm leadership, and administrative people), each component of our mandate, and each project. […]