Health Insurance Rates Make Early Retirement Appealing #CrewChange

Unforeseen Crew Change In an article written by The Motley Fool a study by the (CBO) Congressional Budget Office which I will include here projects “a drop in hours worked equivalent to having 2 million fewer full-time workers in the workplace in 2017.” “You may be eligible for deeply discounted health insurance Insurance premiums for […]

For Your Company – How much do you depend on Google? ~KM

The Value of Internet Searches This is something to think about in relation to how organizations use external search tools.  This doesn’t apply to Google alone and I am not stating that Google will in fact charge us for search.  I am asking what would happen if they did.  I am also wondering out loud […]

The Reconsideration of Email as the MVP of Knowledge Assets

Just send me an email “Don’t call it a comeback I been here for years… ”   We haven’t gotten to the point in business where any other form of communication has eliminated email.    It doesn’t matter what business you are in email is still a heavily used resource.    I know of small […]

Knowledge Transfer / Continuity , Crew Change (May not be a problem after all)

What if I told you that in the next 5 years, the water in your pipes would stop flowing at some point.  What you will need to do is build a backup pipe to the street and then divert the flow of water to make sure you have continuity of service.   There will be […]