Educational Infographic on Enhancing Retention

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Practical Knowledge Management in a Strategic World

In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless but planning is indispensable."-Dwight D. Eisenhower Planning for Knowledge Management Why do organizations need a structured KM initiative or program? Most organizations at a very high level seek to do three general activities: Reduce Risk Identify and Execute on Opportunity for Cost Savings …

Basic Searches

Search for an enterprise is much different than searching for something from home. I have been asked recently about search. I am reposting this blog for those who have asked me.

The Cohenization Project

I work in an industry where knowing information or gaining information quickly is very valuable.  There have been days that people have lined up outside our office door with questions.  While I definitely appreciate the fact that people come to me and my team and trust us to provide the answers they need, I think it is more important that they learn how to get the answers themselves.  One of my good friends and office mates who shall remain anonymous would send people a link called or Let me google that for you.  Sure it is funny… a little but really it brings out a greater point and that is there are those who help themselves and those who help themselves by you helping them.  Of course this is within the context of this post only.   I feel it is important to understand how to search in a…

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Employee Engagement (relates to Knowledge Management)

Apathy will impact the business.

Knowledge Strategy Project

Mor Sela publishes some good information on his blog.  I like to repost his contributions from time to time. 

The Sauce

  Last week our family had one of if not the best Big Mac like hamburgers we have ever had. I was reading something somewhere and in came the link to an Executive Chef from McDonald's. He said “the special sauce recipe has been out for a long time” He took off his professional clothing …

9 Dots Puzzle

  Without lifting pencil from paper, draw no more than four straight lines that will cross through all nine dots.   Do not google the answer and please post your results..  It is easy to find the answer as a cheat BUT the answer you find online is not likely to be the answer I …

The Desired Path #KM

Knowledge Management activities are often pathways created as a consequence of doing business and normally represent the shortest route to an individual performer or group getting their jobs done.  A desire path (also known as a desire line, social trail, goat track or bootleg trail) can be a path created as a consequence of foot or bicycle traffic. The path usually represents …

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