Emotional Business in Employee Engagement

qua·le ˈkwälē/  noun a quality or property as perceived or experienced by a person.Link We are physically blind in each of our eyes, we have a blind spot. There’s a way to find your blind spot. Cover your left eye and look at the dot on the left in this image. Be aware of the cross on the […]

KM Strategy: Does Maturity Matter?

KM Strategy: Does Maturity Matter? Maturity is linear. When something reaches its full potential through development. There is great value in using measures, indicators and criteria to diagnose an organization in their current state through an assessment. I don’t think that a maturity model within itself is the right tool or terminology to use. Would […]

Helping Toxic Co-Workers (Aesop Twist on The Scorpion and The Frog)

Toxic Behavior I have a great friend and teammate named Kim who was lamenting about the behavior of some people in the workplace. Kim raises some very good points in that people can be incredibly selfish and self centered.  Of course no one is perfect but sometimes their toxic behavior impacts our own behaviors.  If […]

Lesson Learned in Knowledge Management (EBOLA)

Ignorance = Death Last year, I wrote about a lack of KM in the medical industry.https://cohenovate.com/2013/12/30/knowledge-management-and-healthcare/   It was a sad commentary then and it is even more frightening now.  Some of you may be aware that errors in healthcare account for a significant number of deaths in America. In 2010, the Office of Inspector […]

Being a Premier KM Organization (Preparing for a Marathon)

Being a premier KM organization doesn’t mean that you are THE premier KM organization.   What this means is that we must consider bench-marking ourselves vs. ourselves. I have a friend who just ran an ultramarathon. If you don’t know what an ultramarathon is, it is basically a very long run with common distances of 50 […]