Before Knowledge Management and Working Out Loud

The Practice of Civility If you ask 100 Knowledge Management experts how to effectively implement and practice KM, you really do get close to 100 different answers.  I believe this is because there isn’t one right answer.   I believe that we should consider that before we go into looking at maturity models and k-strategies […]

Sickness Connected

The Cancer of Everything  We lost a friend this week to cancer.   My feelings about cancer over the years have shifted from frustration and anger towards the disease to intense anger at our society for our lack of focus on finding a cure. Additionally, we are making it worse by making new technologies that […]

Specific Acts of Kindness

Non Random Act Kindness is not a payment.  Kindness shouldn’t be considered as paying it forward.  Kindness should expect no result. Years ago, I worked for a school division.  It was one of the best job experiences I ever had.  I was a Software Configuration Specialist.  My job was to configure computers for large deployments […]