Keep It Simple for Practical KM

Pick 3 Stan Garfield has many great posts on Knowledge Management, this is one of my favorites (LinkedIn Pulse).   He talks about creating a list of top 3 objectives to address KM challenges at your organization.  I have used this approach successfully as a consultant and also as a KM organizational lead. Which 3? […]

Don’t Forget the Basics Please

The attack on Paris last night prompted me to think about reminding my children, family and friends to stay alert and be prepared for emergency situations.   I was reminded last night by Jaime Wetzel that before you need water, food, shelter and first aid equipment, you need knowledge to use these to survive.   […]

As a Veteran ..

This week is Veterans Day and I am reminded that I am thankful to those who have served including the good men and women that continue to serve today.   Thank you.. In Support of our Warfighter Creed  I support our Warfighter. I think about my country and my family and the extension of those […]

Why Video Games make you smarter.

One day I was playing my favorite video game The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and I could not complete a puzzle because it was difficult. I could not believe it. Video games were made for fun, not making you use your head. Then I was thinking could video games make you smarter? Well CBS says yes. […]

Back to the Future?

Back to the Future? by Bryce Cohen Time Travel real? With the right motion in the right place it could be possible. But it could be physically impossible considering that there is no theories proven. Therefore I say that time travel is impossible. Also if you are using common sense if time travel was possible […]