Talking About Generations

This was a parody but it reflects a lot of discussion. The Trouble with Kids Today “A PROGENY YET MORE CORRUPT” In Book III of Odes, circa 20 BC, Horace wrote: Our sires’ age was worse than our grandsires’. We, their sons, are more worthless than they; so in our turn we shall give the […]

The Truth of Human Resources and KM #PracticalHR

  Visually Compelling Organizational Development The work by Kevin Desmond was thoughtful and emotionally charged.      It is tough to be a leader in general, but the world today makes it even more difficult. Leadership is something I care deeply about.   I strive to be a better leader in the same way that Jascha […]

Collaboration Tool Crazy

Dazed and Confused -Hammer Blaming Don’t blame tools for your confusion.   Companies are buying too many tools and trying to implement them thinking that tools will solve their problems.   This is nothing new.  The problem is exacerbated by software as a service driven applications available to everyone.  I heard this termed “Credit Card […]

How Can I Help? #Advocate

Being there for a person and helping means you have your attention focused on their needs. I have found that listening to people and helping them sort through their problems can help me with challenges that I face. The best thing to do is to stay focused and help them and be strong for them as they need. Adding your problems to the discussion is a weight added, not a burden lifted.