Digital Transformation ~ Conflict

Don’t Ignore Conflict Conflict is all around us everywhere.  Most of us deal with conflict of some form on a daily basis.   It is uncomfortable to talk about conflict and it is challenging for us to find ways to deal with it.   Conflict is primary, it is what I consider a fundamental function […]

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Having Courage Means

The Hardest Post Normally, I am not at a loss for words but today I am.   Last week I didn’t write because I was visiting a friend out of town.   We discussed the differences between leadership and management.   We started talking about work and the difficulties in dealing with people along with […]

Make a Difference Now!

Just One Thing Things are tough.   People don’t listen, and  you can’t influence everyone.  We need advocates in our lives to make a difference or at least we believe that we do.   It can be depressing and it is a challenge.   Everyone on this planet is faced with some adversity, it is […]

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