Show Me Candy #WhenVendorsAttack

Vendor Demo As a leader in IT, I have the benefit and the curse of 1,000+ vendors contacting me on a weekly basis.   Here are some challenges, issues, concerns and solutions for those selling warez. Challenges for Vendors Solving problems I don’t have or that I have nothing to do with.. Dear Howie,  As […]

Hurricane Resources #Hurricane

Put together a list for family in Florida…  Just copying and sharing here as well.. Zello – All Partners Access Network- You Tube (Live) Stream news live from cell networks. Police scanners online –   Disaster apps   WISER (includes CHEMM) By: National Library of Medicine WISER (Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders) assists […]

Digital Workplace Knowledge Capital

Paul Strassman wrote in 1999 “Indiscriminate discarding of knowledge assets, whether in the form of accumulated employee training or legacy software, has origins in ideas proposed over a century ago about the value of capital and labor. These theories claim that only capital assets increased the productivity of labor. Consequently, the productivity of an enterprise is measured only […]

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