Purposeful Innovation Awareness

Ideas – Market Many ideas are already in practice .. we simply aren’t aware they exist.  Here are a few ideas that are out there. 1) Iceland power is practically free due to Geothermal..  NASA scientists have discovered a way to cool the super volcano in Yellowstone and tap it for unlimited energy.. No power […]

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Getting from 0 – Digital

Real-time 2 Run-time While there are significant advances in consumer grade technologies many commercial companies do not exceed the best practices of the defense industry. The engineering rigor, process and culture of the DoD create environmental conditions for long lasting operational success and solution iteration. The speed in which commercial markets seek to move requires exercise, culture, […]

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22 Top Tech Execs ~ 3 Things to Consider

Evanta, a Gartner Company hosted a meeting in NYC to discuss the “Digital Enterprise” @Malea O’Neill @Jordon Guess 1) Leadership Communication is key but many struggle with the everyday pressures of leading high performing, fast moving, results driven teams.   The struggle consumes time and makes it difficult for leaders to deal with the fundamentals including communications.  […]