Why I Love ♥ Talking to Founders

The Brave the Bold the Young the Old

It takes a lot of courage to start your own business.   It takes courage to invest your life and your money to do something that you believe in.   Founders see something that is missing and they see the potential to fill that gap.   The passion behind their ideas expands well beyond their personal space into the universe.

The energy around the ideas and concepts can be felt in every word.  Even if you aren’t particularly interested in the idea or solution, there is something to be said about being part of the experience and learning from them.

I don’t know if there is a formula for these folks.  I think there are factors of timing, understanding of the market and actual needs of the market.   Building relationships and broadcasting a clear and consistent message is something that seems (no science here) to play in.  There is one thing though.. it is tacit.  It looks like this.. download

Hungry, ready, piercing..   This wolf will get a meal.

Whatever drives these folks and pushed them far enough to take the risk is special.    Of course, it is complicated and there are different reasons for people to “go for it” but I have seen the difference between those who speak about doing something and those who actually do it.

I have seen the passion in children, young and old adults.   My father in-law started a business with FedEx in his 50’s and grew it very quickly.   He was passionate about it and he made an effort.  It was pretty amazing to watch him take an idea, make it real, make it grow and at the end, he helped others grow their business.  He took what he needed to retire and drive his RV around the US before he passed away.


Where does this energy and passion come from?  What drives us to take on something internally so powerful that we seek to make it real?

old-man-2687112_1920 What happens if we don’t follow our passion?   What happens if we wait?  What makes us ready?   What about the risks?  We read about all the people that have been very successful but what about the thousands of people that tried and didn’t make it.   Those are some great stories too.

Helping Hand

I have a lot of respect for people with the entrepreneurial spirit.  I have on a few occasions gone out to do work on my own.   I am a very passionate person and I have found that I enjoy giving time and helping people vs creating a product or service to sell.   I find purpose and passion in helping people and I enjoy seeing people find success.  I feel some shared value in that.   I think it is in my DNA as I have found my sister seems to practice the same helping behavior I do.

The message here is whatever it is that you want to do in your life, there is no reason to put those things off.  There are people in our world who are founders and there are folks like me who are helpers, there is every reason to embrace our purpose and go for our goals.



Nothing to stop you!


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