In Cloud We Trust

The Magic Takeover History repeats itself as we forget our past.   We have all this knowledge at our fingertips but we are easily distracted.  While we are distracted by work, political issues, family and more input than ever before in human history, our brains can only handle a very limited amount of information cognitively and […]

The Business is Out of Your Hands

In the Cloud It is easier, cheaper, safer, better, faster, more reliable and promises to make you breakfast in the morning.   The cloud.  Now that we have placed everything important to us in the cloud,  the cloud has us. Look,  I’ll keep this a simple thought exercise for you.   Cloud computing and subscription services offer […]

Sometime Ago ~ Spirit in the Glass

Spirit in the Glass   Spirit in the glass hand outreached touches the rim inch by inch slowly moving the gentle sound of the deep cup echoes in the wind fingers sweep the edge with the feel of a feather he is immortal time has no meaning captured by love of life fearing the end, […]

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Placing a Cover on Your Computer Camera

Have you noticed how many people tape up the camera on their laptops?  Do you ever see anyone covering up the camera on their cell phones?  Do you ever see them turning off their cell phones?  Do you ever see them covering up or turning off other devices?  It is absolutely fascinating.  The psychology of […]

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