JEW- American

It isn’t positive.  It doesn’t feel good to be Jewish.   It is some kind of complicated hate that is hard to describe.  Most of the time, it feels as if the whole world hates Jews.  Even Jews hate Jews.   To be hated for what I am and the pain associated with that kind of feeling […]

Many Leaders Can’t Tie Shoes

The Automated Unstable technology delivered at lightning speed.  We are are getting updates daily and there are changes which impact the fundamental operating environment.  We are giving up our autonomy.   We are giving up our ability to deliver stable solutions.   We do this with the idea that we are saving time and money.  We do […]

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You Need a Job | Now What?

Make Moves The career path today looks more like a zig-zag vs a straight line.  Corporations are making corporate decisions.  These decisions don’t account for individuals.   I believe people do care about each other but when it comes to business, things get fuzzy.    For whatever reason the job is no longer there. It Hurts […]

Transformed Business Transformation Transform

Won’t Be Boring Basically business transformation is about companies making clear fundamental changes to their operating model.  These efforts could be focused on the whole business end to end or in part based on a particular cost center.   When I think of transformation the first area of business that comes to mind is IT.   For […]

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