Basically Digital Workshop Slides

GDS Cohen <– Presentation to GDS Summit  Title: Basically Digital: Pragmatic Digital Perspective and Definitions Synopsis: The word “Digital” has many meanings.  Conversations both inside and outside are often confusing because of the assumptions made.   In order to be successful in these digital discussions,  we need to establish what we mean and our intent. The […]

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For the Sake of Hate

Photo by Tookapic on Hello. What do I tell my children about hate? What do I tell my children about love? How can the world be a beautiful place filled with wonder and a tragedy all at the same time? These questions and many others are the same questions we human beings ask ourselves […]

Can’t Stop Saying, Sir

Virtual Collar Device In the military, there is clarity of role and responsibility. Someone has a designation and rank which is clearly displayed unless a condition exists in which it cannot be. Someone has contextual control of a situation and leads under a condition, state or mode. Everything is simplified in the understanding of who […]