Send A Note Instead

Many companies send out surveys in order to process large amounts of data about services or people.  The questions in surveys are often closed questions which don’t offer us an opportunity to express our thoughts. The lack of ability to express the “why” we answered a question one way or the other skews the results.  […]

Small Business Cloud|Digital Basics

Moving Local to Remote Thinking of moving from your small office to a cloud service provider?   You have to consider the risks and rewards.  It is important to understand the costs and benefits and you have to invest time into thinking about it.  Here are a few reasons to consider moving to the cloud: Scale […]

Small Business Left Below the Cloud

Cloud Disconnect While many small and medium-size companies are being forced to use cloud services, they aren’t able to get the full value out of them.   Many smaller companies need “the basics” to continue their operations.  Large cloud providers are building large behemoth solutions for enterprise organizations.  These large enterprise solutions get distilled to SMB […]

The Future of Endpoint Devices @Work

I was asked recently what I think will happen in the near to medium term with endpoint devices in large companies.   Large companies depending on the industry have to make customized or bespoke technology patterns.   My perspective is generalized but with some influence by regulated financial, pharma, insurance and defense aligned companies. In the not […]