I had a conversation the other day about Knowledge Management and I want to share a portion of it with you. Knowledge Management is a passion.  It has a place in my heart and in my mind.  I love learning and sharing.  I enjoy working out loud.  I get energy from the discovery of ideas […]

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Social Test

Bullies and Acceptance One of my children is very interested in play by play sports.  He studies sports and practices making podcasts.  He is also working events and got a job with his school doing play by play for all sorts of sports.    I have been working with him to develop social media strategies […]

The Test – E + SV + SR = T/t

The Complexities of Trust (Organization) In his book “Hit Refresh” Satya Nadella says “..for me, trust is a sacred responsibility.”  Beyond his view on empathy, I can’t think of anything more important or powerful in his book than his message on trust. He shares his idea for trust as an equation as  E + SV […]