Time for Work

Gaining Skills in Flight As people across the world are losing their jobs due to Covid-19, there are also areas of opportunity and growth.  Many countries are shutting down and sending people home.  In the world of IT,  some global service providers have dependency on lower cost geographic markets.  The complication with some of these […]

Collaboration Services ** Special Edition

Here is a quick list to help you understand what services are available to you for use! I get a lot of questions on this and I’ll just share the most common services. One thing to know, I have seen more success with services that don’t use the telephone lines.  In other words, if you […]

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tetrachromat @ what we can’t see

About 2% of women and no known man can see colors that others cannot see.  They have the ability to see additional colors due to a mutation which creates the oppositive effect of color blindness or deficiency. The mutation enhances and add’s color to the human visible spectrum.   The women have an additional cone retinal […]

Wish You Could Clone Yourself? -Maybe Not

Hello Me I heard someone recently say out loud “I wish I could clone myself” in the context of work.  I didn’t think too deeply about it at the time of the comment but it came back to haunt me a bit over the past few weeks.   I started thinking through the real implications of […]