Focus on Moments not Memories


Time passes by touching me at every moment,
yet slipping through my fingers like water.
Leaving only a trace of its existence
only a memory …
only a thought …
Only a yesterday…
As I write, it is gone
slipped through again
still now is, here
now is gone..
now is only a memory
a minute passed
I do not want to be only a memory..
living only in the mind
a yesterday..
My tomorrow, your yesterday
as you read, it has been written
only my thought
my now is gone, it is past
as is your now… –

Looking Back

Memories are important, some believe our existence is just a collection of memories. We learn and grow from what we remember or in some cases manufacture in our minds. Looking back gives us a place to reflect and looking forward gives us a place to go towards but mindfulness of our moment right now is where many of us need to be.

Focusing on the moment good or bad allows us to be awake and aware of our current experience. Consider an exercise in practice of paying attention to the moments in your life.

A potential outcome of living in the moment is more clarity, better memories and more appreciation for life.

Think about now instead of then or when….

Happy Sunday

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