For all that Freedom

Freedom Today on Memorial Day, I ask you this question. What did they all die for? When we talk about the concept of freedom, many of us don’t understand what freedom means. It does not mean do whatever you want to do. The fight for freedom in America came from people who did not believe […]

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Everything is Garbage

The quality of goods and services has gone from great to not even marginally good. From time to time, I get irritated with companies for one reason or another. I am generally aggravated when I thought I was buying a valuable service or product only to find out that it isn’t what I thought it […]

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In Search of Mom

For Mothers Day I’ve been to the cemetery on cold rainy days with my knees sunken into the mud. I’ve spent a year trying to ignore and discover the fact that my mother is gone. I’ve sought to compartmentalize my feelings about it and at the same time not put them in a box so […]

When We Don’t Understand

Hurt REM said it best “everybody hurts.” We all hurt for some reason but depending on who you are, the hurt you feel can be inflicted on others. When we hurt, we need help but when help doesn’t arrive in the way we need it, hurt can turn into something else. I was reminded the […]