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I am in a place in my career where I want to help people. I want to leave some kind of legacy. My kids are older, and I have a lot of experience to share. I want to give back to the people who have helped me and coached me by passing on the lessons. I have many friends in senior roles that will help me get “going” and they are asking me why I haven’t started my own business yet.

For those that don’t know

Going from a corporate role or even consulting role to building your own company is not easy. Even if you have sponsors, there is a lot of complexity.

The people that say they will help you, may not. The people you expect nothing from may help you, but you would have to trust people that you don’t know.

Many people start consulting with little foundation or understanding of what it takes to run a business end to end. Lack of planning creates a lot of extra work and room for many mistakes.

Many people don’t seek help or do research because they believe they “know” what they need to know. The risks aren’t that high if it is just them alone but the minute they introduce employees, it becomes wicked complicated because now they are responsible for others.

I have been asked over the past few years to help people as they think through this type of scenario. Recently, I was asked again to help someone who is starting this process. I decided to jot down a few things to think about if you are going through this thought process.

  1. Write an autobiography.
  2. Read, research, and write. (Who do you want to serve and how?)
  3. What do you really want to accomplish and what will it mean when you are reflecting years from now?

If you aren’t willing or able to do the three things I have suggested above, you will have a tough go of it as you seek to navigate your next.

What do you think?


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