Maybe Crazy

It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in the northeast US.  I have the opportunity to sit outside and look … More

Micro-Kindness Macro-Impact

 It is two o’clock in the morning on a cold December day 1985 and the phone rings. It’s a big fire in the South Bronx, a bunch of buildings are dilapidated, falling apart, and burning out of control.  A homeless person smoking crack started the whole blaze and now the buildings are burning and threatening families in the surrounding areas. The fire department sends NY’s finest to fight the beast and as the fire grows in size as word gets out across the airways for everyone to come and help.  

Basically Digital Workshop Slides

GDS Cohen <– Presentation to GDS Summit  Title: Basically Digital: Pragmatic Digital Perspective and Definitions Synopsis: The word “Digital” has … More

For the Sake of Hate

Photo by Tookapic on Hello. What do I tell my children about hate? What do I tell my children … More