Meet in the middle

  When I was a child my mother put this picture on the refrigerator, it is simple and telling.   I put this picture up at work as a constant reminder of the benefits and challenges of working with others. Regardless of who is at fault or the challenges we face it is my hope that […]

I don’t know what to write.

Every week I write this blog to address mostly work related concepts.   Every once in a while when something important comes up or I am feeling that I want to go into something more personal I write about it.   I mostly have written with the idea that I am contributing to in my […]

Just hand me your wallet.. TRUST ME .. Cloud Risk

It doesn’t matter what your name is.. -The Rock People throw their money in the garbage all the time.   Go to Las Vegas and see for yourself.   It is called gambling right?  What are you willing to risk? I recently went on travel and taught a Cloud Computing Professional course in Las Vegas, […]


Today is the 4th of July.   What does it mean to you?  Joni Douglas writes “Do we ever reflect on the hardship and terror that the early Americans must have lived through day after day? Do we truly understand the hopes and dreams that lay secretly hidden away in the hearts of the people back […]

Project Management Tools – Agile and Others (WebScrape)

Alright.. I normally cut and paste resources based on context into my personal brain, recently I have had a lot of “project management” oriented questions so I am pulling some of the lists together that I have gathered over the years.   The format won’t be clean but that shouldn’t matter.. enjoy! Open source Scrum […]

Scrum for everyone, except it’s not.

I recently took the 2 day Scrum Alliance ScrumMaster course and I am openly more confused today than I was before I took the course. ScrumDev PDF My position is simple, if we don’t have these discussions and this dialogue Agile will be akin to SOA.  What happened to SOA?  Ask Ann Thomas Manes SOA […]

Guiding Principles of the DoD Cloud Computing

Guiding Principles of the DoD Cloud Computing Effort The cloud effort will focus on significantly improving operational efficiencies in DoD data centers. These are enduring O&M reductions, not one time savings Examples: lower power consumption by half (more green), better server to admin ratio (lower labor), smaller data centers (less facilities) The cloud effort will […]