Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Captain Speaking PREPARE for a Bumpy Ride with MS Copilot

Simply Speaking Microsoft Ignorance Microsoft had a change management team which coordinated changes across many of their services. As late as 2020, they didn’t have a good handle on change management and as a result, they made changes that caused business harm. I didn’t have the same insight to their change practices in 2022 but […]

They asked me WHEN it will change and I told them IT already happened –

NOW ~ It is HERE Philosophically, the difficulty some people have in seeing the 3D image in a Magic Eye stereogram illustrates the limitations of our perception and how we interpret the world around us. Our brains are constantly making assumptions and filling in gaps based on past experiences and expectations, and this can affect […]

On Trust – Lesson for Leaders

Red Onions on My Salad The past few weeks along with a global pandemic, global warming, explosions, fires, protests, war, famine, and alien invasions,  our onions were recalled in over 27 states.  That’s right, our onions were recalled and if we had onions and we didn’t know where they came from, we need to throw […]

Social Test

Bullies and Acceptance One of my children is very interested in play by play sports.  He studies sports and practices making podcasts.  He is also working events and got a job with his school doing play by play for all sorts of sports.    I have been working with him to develop social media strategies […]