Inherent Trust – Post for Leaders

This post is about identifying opportunities as a leader to build teams through inherent trust. The underlying idea is that we trust people and things (strangers) inherently but for some reason, we may find it difficult to trust people we know. We also trust people like EMTs, Doctors, other emergency workers, and many others including […]

If Everyday – The Lighted Bracelet

Just Imagine for Today In our world today, we have so many weights and burdens. The freedom of innocence and ignorance was stolen from us by the concept of Eve and the tree of knowledge. Awareness brings “all the things.” In most of our world today we are hyperconnected. These connections of communication create the […]

On Trust – Lesson for Leaders

Red Onions on My Salad The past few weeks along with a global pandemic, global warming, explosions, fires, protests, war, famine, and alien invasions,  our onions were recalled in over 27 states.  That’s right, our onions were recalled and if we had onions and we didn’t know where they came from, we need to throw […]

365 Days of Learning – Let’s Go!

Don’t doubt you have the power to continuously learn and grow.   Inspired by @ Wendy Woodson (She wants you to learn about this) 1. Order books on topics you are interested in and make time to read. 2. Plan day trips and take tours. 3. Visit a local museum. 4. Take a nature hike. 5. Allow […]

The Echo of Influence

How well do you influence others? Do you think that influence has anything to do with trust? Why do you think influence is important in home life and work? For many good reasons, people seek to influence others. What are some of the reasons that you seek to influence others? How do you know that […]

For the Sake of Hate

Photo by Tookapic on Hello. What do I tell my children about hate? What do I tell my children about love? How can the world be a beautiful place filled with wonder and a tragedy all at the same time? These questions and many others are the same questions we human beings ask ourselves […]