I am fairly addicted to two products for mindmapping.

Freemind – Freemind is the “top” view of your mindmap.  If you were looking at a map, this is what you would expect.  I use a fully portable version that I guess is considered alpha but I love it.

Personal Brain- Now this is the mindmappers mapping tool.  It is easy to get lost and wander in your thoughts but fortunately for us, PB has a search feature.  You can find your thoughts if you lose them. You can forget what you need to forget.

In fairness I must redirect you to http://mindmappingsoftwareblog.com/resource-directory/ this is a great resource for mind mapping.  A lot of information that you can use.

One Reply to “MindMapping”

  1. Hi Howard,

    Thank you for your thoughts on mind mapping.

    Perhaps it is good to know for beginners in mind mapping that you need to know what you want to accomplish with a mind map.

    For instance, the freemind tool is great if you are just looking for a tool that allows you to ‘just’ outline thoughts and ideas in a basic manner.

    The Personal Brain software is much more a tool that stores lots of data and allows you to create relationships between many different thoughts/concepts.

    For the real beginners, it would also be smart to know if you are looking for a mind map tool for outlining or a tool for studying. The last goal requires a much more visual tool that perhaps even helps you make a map that looks hand drawn.

    Hope your readers benefit from this!

    Best regards,



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