But you forgot the SOA..

Recently I have been in contact with friends who are technical evangelists.  We have been writing emails and sharing ideas over great distances.   While some of my friends are international and others are American I find it amazing that we deal with the same problems fundamentally. What are the problems?   The first I …

Duh Winning the Lotto

Someone said to me today that I wouldn’t be in my job if I won the lottery. Well, I told him that he is right. I wouldn’t be here where I work in Gener-America where I can go from cube to cube and find a familiar story. I wouldn’t be here fighting to help people …


Starting to investigate building  and/or modifying an old gas burning vehicle and turning it into an electric vehicle.   There are plenty of links and information out there, it is just a matter of reading and turning the idea into an activity.  The only way to make a difference is to take action. http://www.devc.info/links.html

IT Hierarchy.. it makes sense..


Maslow.. and IT

I am in the process of looking at this concept to examine it to see if we can expand or refine it.  http://blog.alinean.com/2005/12/it-hierarchy-of-needs-categorizing-it.html

Architects Intent

Architects Intent The Department of Defense has an architecture framework for enterprise architectures called DODAF. http://cio-nii.defense.gov/sites/dodaf20/   In a nutshell the DODAF is a framework in order to “facilitate the ability of Department of Defense (DoD) managers at all levels to make key decisions more effectively through organized information sharing across the Department, Joint Capability Areas (JCAs), …

DoD Cloud Challenges

Cloud computing is very similar to Service Oriented Architectures. The issue with Cloud concepts has nothing to do specifically with technology. It has everything to do with people, process, methods in regard to policy, standard, guidance and practice. The only way to successful employ a cloud strategy is to clearly articulate the value to the …

Stacey Cohen and La-Tulipe Desserts

http://www.themarthablog.com/2011/03/a-visit-to-la-tulipe-desserts.html This week my sisters place of business was mentioned by Martha Stewart on her blog.  Stacey has been working for La-Tulipe since she left Tarrytown house as the Pastry Chef.  The blend of Euro-American tasty treats and the presentation of the pastries is really something .  

19 year old developer reflects the common type

http://www.inc.com/articles/2011/03/how-19-year-old-daniel-gross-is-taking-on-google-with-greplin.html This article is self explanatory and of course it is interesting that crafty technical capability essentially allows unbounded people to politely walk around the traditional system. That is interesting and for the most part newsworthy but what I found more interesting was the conversation concerning this young developers connection or lack of connection with …

If you were interested in starting a bakery oriented food business

How to start a cupcake business: http://www.ehow.com/how_5673868_start-cupcake-company.html http://www.ehow.com/how_5026807_start-cupcake-business-home.html http://www.ehow.com/how_5766441_open-cupcake-store.html   Bakery business plan: http://www.inc.com/guides/2010/07/how-to-write-a-bakery-business-plan.html http://www.startabakery.com/bakerybusinessplan.html http://www.homebusinesscenter.com/businessplans/bakery.html http://ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com/write-a-bakery-business-plan/2010/07/23/ http://www.wahm.com/articles/what-to-include-in-a-home-bakery-business-plan.html http://www.brighthub.com/office/entrepreneurs/articles/85622.aspx   Taken right from http://www.PickYourOwn.org Can I Sell My Home-Canned Salsa, Jams and Other Preserves? Have you got a great recipe for home-made salsa, jam, jelly or other home-canned food? Your friends and family tell you …

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