You forgot but I remember and frankly it will cost you or make you rich.

Do you remember when you were boycotting Netflix?

America the land of the forgetful, we are supposed to remember when people do things that aren’t cool but we don’t.  We forget and then someone makes millions from our poor memory, it’s like we have cultural amnesia.   How about we talk a little about a company named BP.  Let’s look at some numbers..

Now the figure below doesn’t look like a company that America has punished as a matter of fact if you bought stock in June of 2010 you would be pretty happy right now.









We could go over many examples of this kind of behavior but the bottom line is that we Americans forget. Now with all the companies we deal with and all the social media how are we going to handle when something or someone does something wrong?    SO, with all that said here is my advice to you if you are reading this blog today, this is time-tested and proven advice….. ready??? Consider buying stock in Carnival Corporation CCL if I am right people will forget that one of their cruise liners just crashed and they have already forgotten about how many people have gotten sick on cruises!   When you make your millions just send me a note..

You’re welcome..


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