Who is Howie Cohen?

My wife Erin and I work hard to help others and be good citizens of the world.   We love to share information and we appreciate when we learn from others.

I (Howie) am a leader and more importantly at times “first follower.”  I believe in people even when they let you down.  I believe and practice building trust relationships, as trust is the foundation for all of our relationships.  I am passionate about teaching and learning along the way.  I am stubborn at times but I can be moved because I work very hard to keep an open mind.  I value my lessons from my past but I aim to leverage them to solve challenges today.  I read as much as I can and I help as many people as I can.  I am a stonecutter.

Simply put, I want to help people and I enjoy the feelings associated with that.  A result of my passion, values and character is adding value to the team I am working with.  My family is important to me; they give me purpose and power the engine that drives me.

I am not an overly complicated person as I believe that “Good behavior and good intentions will end with good results.”   As a knowledge worker, I am always engaged and always reinventing myself.

If you are looking for a hardworking driven person that realizes productive results as a byproduct of trusted teamwork and caring, consider reaching out to talk to me.  At the very least something good may come of our conversation!

Find me here!  howardscohenmba@gmail,com


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