Our Fair World

While walking through the woods of Chernobyl the boy never realized the poisons beneath his feet. He walked through the ruins and was greeted by friendly wild dogs. The boy found an old playground as he walked past the sign that read “radioactive” without any knowledge of the danger.

As the boy continued to explore the ruins of Chernobyl, he remained unaware of the dangers that lurked around him. The friendly wild dogs continued to follow him, and the boy felt comforted by their presence. He had heard stories of the abandoned town, but he never truly grasped the severity of the situation.

As he walked past the old playground, the boy couldn’t resist the temptation to play on the rusted swings and climb the creaky jungle gym. He ran around the empty field, feeling a sense of freedom and excitement that he had never experienced before.

However, as the day progressed, the boy began to feel a strange sensation in his body. His head throbbed, his stomach churned, and his limbs felt heavy. He dismissed it as tiredness, assuming that he had simply been walking for too long.

But as the sun began to set, the boy collapsed onto the ground, his body wracked with pain. The friendly dogs that had followed him throughout the day began to howl mournfully, sensing that something was wrong.

The boy never knew the true danger of the place he had been exploring. The radioactive poisons that lurked beneath his feet had seeped into his body, slowly poisoning him from the inside out. He had unknowingly exposed himself to deadly levels of radiation, and there was nothing that could be done to save him.

As the boy took his last breath, he sought to understand what was happening to him.

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  1. Great story and even though you have placed the boy at Chernobyl this could be anywhere on earth that toxic environments (both chemical and relationships) have rooted in our culture. The innocent and unassuming are always the victims of such toxic environments. Humans should never strive to progress at the expense of our fellow man nor the environment we live in. What should be primary in all decisions is not our freedom to exploit but freedom to love which means others count and have rights as long as it is preference with love towards all.


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