Inherent Trust – Post for Leaders

This post is about identifying opportunities as a leader to build teams through inherent trust. The underlying idea is that we trust people and things (strangers) inherently but for some reason, we may find it difficult to trust people we know. We also trust people like EMTs, Doctors, other emergency workers, and many others including […]

If Everyday – The Lighted Bracelet

Just Imagine for Today In our world today, we have so many weights and burdens. The freedom of innocence and ignorance was stolen from us by the concept of Eve and the tree of knowledge. Awareness brings “all the things.” In most of our world today we are hyperconnected. These connections of communication create the […]

They asked me WHEN it will change and I told them IT already happened –

NOW ~ It is HERE Philosophically, the difficulty some people have in seeing the 3D image in a Magic Eye stereogram illustrates the limitations of our perception and how we interpret the world around us. Our brains are constantly making assumptions and filling in gaps based on past experiences and expectations, and this can affect […]