Something to think about while moving into Monday

Life is short.

Simply put when we don’t create separate and memorable events in our lives, our brain ignores what is commonly repeated.   The span of time between two points seems shorter as we grow older because we get into routines of constant repetition.

The only way to fight or counter this is to create different or non routine events in your life and make the memories.  Today I read an article The Top 5 regrets people make on their deathbeds.   You can follow the link and read them yourself but the number one regret was not having the courage to live life the way they wanted.   So, today thinking about moving into Monday or any day, don’t have regrets take the opportunity of today and have the courage to make your life what you want it to be.  If G-d was an engineer than destiny has many build plans, you can get where you need to be by making the choice of which one(s).

Consider this a message.


3 thoughts on “Something to think about while moving into Monday

  1. I always thought that time grew shorter as we grow older, because time is the perception of the relative duration of an event with respect to our total life span. When you are a child, a year is a lifetime because you actually may have lived only one year so far. But when you are 70, one year is the 70th part of your life, and that doesn´t mean so much anymore 🙂

    (I did not make that up but was told it is the current view. Don´t know.)

    Also, is having regrets a useful way to spend your last moments? I have always seen death as the ultimate experiment in your life, and one should always prepare experiments properly, shouldn´t one?

    What say you?


  2. It is always easy when your death is immediate to let go of your fears. So it is also likely that by letting go, we have regrets because at our deathbed we can let go of the fears that stopped us from being who God wanted us to become. Fear comes in many flavors; mortgage payments, and mouths to feed, car payments, health issues, jobs issues, divorces, personal conflicts, etc, etc. Not all fear leads to dying but dying is the ultimate liberation of our souls and once we see that is about to happen, regrets become apparent. Living a life without regrets means living a life with minimal fear; and just a side note, I have discovered that fear is the motivator within human’s to lose our way and takes us to the dark side. Pride, jealousy, coveting all have roots in fears that prey on our human condition. If you want to know what I have discovered, the opposite of fear is Love.


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