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Title: Basically Digital: Pragmatic Digital Perspective and Definitions

Synopsis: The word “Digital” has many meanings.  Conversations both inside and outside are often confusing because of the assumptions made.   In order to be successful in these digital discussions,  we need to establish what we mean and our intent.

The result of this discussion will provide insight to “How to” address complexity in organizations concerning digital capabilities.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Identify common terms and define Digital Business, Digital Marketing, Digital Workplace.
  2. Discuss the methods and practice of having these conversations.
  3. Identify and discuss common tools and technology which creates complexity for these areas business.


I discussed the need for common language and terms.

The importance of being honest about complexity with talent management.

Why business needs Enterprise Architecture.

I gave some examples of definitions and ideas to bring to the table when having a discussion and highlighted the importance of storytelling.  I also used some examples from industry to identify emerging technology discussions.   Attribution is in slides and slide notes where needed.

These are basic foundational concepts defined for learning, sharing and thinking.

Have at em!

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