Shadows aren’t Reflections

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When someone is walking with their back to the sun, the shadow cast is an impression based on the position of the sun relative to the person. This perspective represents a potentially distorted and dark outline of ourselves. Many of us look at shadows of ourselves in a figurative sense. We see distortions based on what we have done or what we see relative to the light that others cast upon us. In some cases, the light is favorable, maybe it makes us look taller or thinner. In some cases, the light is not. In all cases, a shadow is light blocked with darkness remaining. We can’t catch our shadows, we can’t contain them and we can’t see details in them.

Many of us look try to use shadows as some form of reflection but shadows by the nature of what they are and how they are created are not reflections. Our focus on the darkness inhibits our ability to see our true selves. At the same time, light reveals imperfection and details that may not be favorable either. A shadow is an abstracted self. Two imperfect people standing next to each other with all their differences could be perceptually the same in the form of a shadow.

Many people today are focusing on shadows. I believe we should be focused on our own reflection. We should look at ourselves individually and focus on what we can do to accept ourselves with our own imperfections in order to become our perfect self. We should work and focus on being better people without the distraction of the light that others cast.

It starts with looking in the mirror and accepting who you are. You can’t abruptly turn your back on your shadow either as you may be blinded by the sun.


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  1. Encouraging point to remember that it’s wiser to gain insight through observation in a mirror rather than to seek insight from a data-less darkness.


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