You are being poisoned.

I just read an article here from Prevention magazine about foods that you should not eat.  It got me thinking.  You are not allowed to send someone a letter with poison in it.  You can’t legally poison someone … right?  According to this article, we are being poisoned and we are effectively poisoning our families when we feed them microwave popcorn.   Think about that.. we are poisoning our families when we make spaghetti with tomato sauce from a can.  Is this true?  So you can’t smoke and you can’t drive without a seat belt (because that is dangerous ) but you can kill yourself slowly by mashed potatoes and gravy.  Something is wrong here if this is true.  I said “if” this is true because I have a hard time believing that Prevention isn’t being thrown a few dollars by the organic industry.  If they are **SHAME ON YOU**Prevention .  If they aren’t, SHAME ON THE Government.  Really, if this is factual information I think the government has a lot to answer for.  They are supposed to protect our water and food supply.   I know that some people will say that protecting yourself is your personal responsibility and that your choices are YOUR choices but I don’t think that is true in this case.    If you go to work and you want to eat lunch with your team mates **BAM** poison.  If you want to take your husband or wife out for a nice dinner **BAM** poison.  If you go to a family members house for dinner and they don’t choose to eat jarred tomatoes, you are poisoned again.  My wife handed me an apple this morning on my way out the door, she was thinking that it was a healthy choice not her way to an early insurance payout.  I am angry about this, how about you?

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