56 Page ITunes Agreement

The other day, I went to update my Audible app and was presented with a 56 page agreement.   It was 56 touch size pages but I still think that Apple is going beyond reasonable.   Agreement here One of the things that it says on the itouch is that if I click “agree” I am electronically signing this legal document.   It also says somewhere buried deep that I have to be 13 or older.  Oh yeah that is like 20 pages in or if you are looking at the agreement page over halfway down the page.  Does this mean that if my 5 year old son who knows how to use the itouch could put me in legal jeopardy by signing an agreement electronically?  It sure seems like it.   This kind of agreement is one way.  It doesn’t protect the consumer it protects Apple.   In fact it really doesn’t “protect” Apple it just gives Apple permission to go after us legally if it deems we did something wrong with the device that we purchased.
It almost seems today that vendors when selling us a product are really selling us a license to use the product and not the product itself.  If that is the case and Apple wants me to sign this agreement that is longer than the contract that I had to sign to buy my house, then they should just GIVE me the Ipad or Itouch or Iphone and I will buy licenses to use the products or services.  That is what this model supports.
What happens if you don’t sign it?  Well, you don’t get the applications.  The funny thing is that Apple isn’t even developing the apps that I want.  Consider this when you are buying any of these devices.