Sensitive Business Person

I have been working in my current industry for over 10 years and I would classify myself as a mid-career professional.  Over the years I have needed to make career adjustments to satisfy my need to grow, make a difference, increase my income, increase my potential, and challenge myself.    I have noticed an interesting pattern in management that I would like to point out.

When managers have bad news, they hide it until they have to tell you.  There are always rumors that start to creep up and then the rumors increase until there is the “discussion” which happens most likely after you already know what is going on.

A great deal of managers take the ” I had no choice” approach to dealing with a problem.  They tell us that their hands are tied or they are in a bad situation, in other words they redirect blame.

When managers do something dramatic, it is always “just business.”   It isn’t your fault when something happens and it isn’t personal or is it?

Which brings me to my point.   If I make a career decision, it isn’t personal but every manager I have ever worked for in my professional years takes it personally.   I can’t tell you how many times I have seen managers talk about “just business” and I have heard it recently a lot with recent changes in my industry.

Why do they (managers) take it personal?

I have come to believe that there is no such thing as “just business.”   Decisions I make for my career have had nothing to do with my direct management.  As a matter of record, I care about the people I work for and with.   I care about their interests and their goals as well.   As professionals we really need to take a realistic position on how we feel about our staff and co-workers.   When we say something is a business decision, it is a two-way street.   I had a corporate leader in recent times say “If people don’t like what we are doing they will show me with their feet.”

When you talk tough and you distance yourself from your humanity expect the same treatment.   When you love people, and respect them and you show that you care for them they will be loyal to you and understanding when tough times arrive.  They will also be honest with you and open when they need to make tough decisions, and you as a leader will understand that it really isn’t personal.

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