Working Out Loud: Show Up (Part 1 of 5)

We were there to build trust and build knowledge through these trusted relationships. The high level objective was to learn and share in order to raise awareness with partners. The knowledge would then be used and reused to help reduce risk, save money and increase opportunities for operational and mission success.

Dispatches from the Front: 29 July 2012

... From Ken Friends, In some of the return e-mails, several have asked I not include or discuss the "un-pleasantries of war" in my "Dispatches".  To those kind souls, my advice is to simply delete all future e-mails from me. Unfortunately, I am not in a pleasant place to accommodate such a request.  The truth …

Sensitive Business Person

I have been working in my current industry for over 10 years and I would classify myself as a mid-career professional.  Over the years I have needed to make career adjustments to satisfy my need to grow, make a difference, increase my income, increase my potential, and challenge myself.    I have noticed an interesting pattern …

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