Time for You ~

Art Project

Consider yourself taking some time to do something that pulls you out of your comfort zone.

Work on something different.

Work alone with yourself.

See what you can make and do.

This year, I have been pushing myself to learn and grow from an artistic perspective.  The work is generally small and I can finish it in a few days.

As I am learning and refining, I have a sense of personal satisfaction in the completion of the work.  I can feel good about being finished with what I am working on.

Generally speaking in my work life, things always feel fluid and incomplete.  These are stories that don’t seem to have a start and finish.  With art, I can see the end.

I think it is important to have this experience.   Even if you aren’t into art.  Find something that you can start and finish in a short period of time.  I find making things for other people inspires me.

Whatever it is that you choose to do,  the idea of doing something like this will give you time with yourself, time to feel productive and a sense of completion.   It slows the world down if only for a moment and provides much-needed opportunity for reflection.

Try it!


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