Working Out Loud: Show Up (Part 1 of 5)

We were there to build trust and build knowledge through these trusted relationships. The high level objective was to learn and share in order to raise awareness with partners. The knowledge would then be used and reused to help reduce risk, save money and increase opportunities for operational and mission success.

Lesson Learned in Knowledge Management (EBOLA)

Ignorance = Death Last year, I wrote about a lack of KM in the medical industry.   It was a sad commentary then and it is even more frightening now.  Some of you may be aware that errors in healthcare account for a significant number of deaths in America. In 2010, the Office of Inspector […]

Army Strong ~KM

KM enhances mission command, facilitates the exchange of knowledge, supports doctrine development, fosters leaders’ development, supports lessons learned, supports training and enhances professional education. Ultimately, KM enables the Army to become an adaptable organization that is able to learn and change. The Army’s strategy focuses on advancement in a culture of innovation rather than survival […]

Refinery Rabbi

Trade Stories Stories passed down in business create opportunity for new ideas and new opportunity as well as lessons in history.  Story telling is key to understanding context and it is an interwoven part of business.  It is so natural that business tends to over look the value of the story and the potential to […]

The 42nd Hour

It was dark, I was awake but still trying to sleep.   I woke up before the Morning Wake Up followed by “Reveille reveille, all hands heave out and trice up.”    It didn’t  matter if I had slept or not I was still tired. The room was lit by small red lights, it smelled musty like mold, […]

Who is Responsible When Crowdsource Becomes Murder?

Question : Who is accountable or responsible when a false accusation or false report results in the death of a person? Brown University student Sunil Tripathi was wrongly tied to the Boston Marathon bombing.   The result (may have been) his death.  There are indications that he may have died before the bombing.  The questions still remain.  […]