Saying Ahead, Staying Behind

Many troubling issues in our world today. Home, work, family, world, across the board. There is so much going on that we can easily reflect, recognize and understand that we are living in some of the most historic times in human history. If it seems a little scattered today, I’ll acknowledge that I am thinking […]

They asked me WHEN it will change and I told them IT already happened –

NOW ~ It is HERE Philosophically, the difficulty some people have in seeing the 3D image in a Magic Eye stereogram illustrates the limitations of our perception and how we interpret the world around us. Our brains are constantly making assumptions and filling in gaps based on past experiences and expectations, and this can affect […]

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but Words They Can Destroy Me

Our Social World Popularity has always been of importance to human beings. Leaders throughout all human history are seen hovering over the masses and directing, guiding, instructing, influencing, and inspiring. All our stories have lead characters who we follow. Our lives are intertwined with people we follow, admire, and sometimes simply accept. We are a […]

The Noise that Won’t Go (Veterans with Tinnitus)

Tinnitus is the number one disability among Veterans and it affects at least one in every 10 American adults. Before I get started, if you are suffering from tinnitus there are some management techniques offered here <– click for a handbook. My goal for this post is to shed some light on the challenges and suffering that […]

Listen to The People Create the CWWWO

Companies are Behind on Flexible Hybrid Workplace and Digital Workplace I am always enamored and fascinated by people living in their own dream worlds. I’ve seen people successfully live in their own world and navigate what I’d call the “common world” but I’ve also seen people live in their own world until their world ends. […]

Collaboration Services – Leadership

Technology today drives “the way” (methods) in which most of us collaborate.  Successful collaboration depends on “collaboration patterns” which are independent of specific technologies.  The mistake many people make is to depend on commercial collaboration technologies without investing the time and resources to understand the complexity. Organizational success for collaboration services depends on the overall […]

The Truth of Human Resources and KM #PracticalHR

  Visually Compelling Organizational Development The work by Kevin Desmond was thoughtful and emotionally charged.      It is tough to be a leader in general, but the world today makes it even more difficult. Leadership is something I care deeply about.   I strive to be a better leader in the same way that Jascha […]